Vendor Inquiry

Our focus is innovative new products and companies with an emphasis on eco-friendly, US made, organic, holistic, all natural and safe with impeccable quality and sourcing.

Our Vendors provide us with extensive training, real-time support and availability, and promotional and sampling materials. Consumables are replenished regularly, as they are tested on dogs (and cats!) and go through serious damage from curious and hungry pets.

Vendors must be willing to work with flexible minimums, actual shipping rates, quick turn around time, vetted terms when required, and commitment to excellent service and support for all our accounts – from the smallest to the largest.

Our Vendors are committed to independent retailers only. If distributors, big box stores and members-only discount etailers (Gilt Groupe, etc) are in your business plan, we thank you for your interest but we are not the company for you. We require strict distribution and price control to protect our industry.

All products must be bar coded and spread sheets provided with full product and UPC codes for our multi-location accounts.

Professional sales sheets, photography, cohesive price lists and other e-support must be available for our use. All spreadsheets must be unlocked for our editing needs.

If you feel your company is a good fit for us, you can contact Bart DeAngelis at 347-509-1889.